Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hemorrhaging Hospitals and Profitable Providers: A Look at Ethical Negligence

Are ASC’s Ethically Responsible to notify their investors that they leave 60% of No Fault /Workers Comp reimbursement money with the carriers? In many cases, the partners can’t agree to enroll in the Program because one or more of them have “untouchables” (family member attorney or collection firms) whose services would become obsolete with the new business model.  While No Fault/Workers Compensation only represents  7%  of a typical orthopedic practice’s revenue, some partners don’t believe it is “worth it to worry about it.”  I would like to know, is it ethically negligent to leave money with the insurance companies which could otherwise be given to medical research and other charities? In my opinion, this is Toxic Money Waste.    

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